The challenge

Intro jobs-to-be-done theory, define platform jobs and create prototypes. Record low-fidelity whiteboard and paper feature demos for customer input. Armory is a collection of the best and brightest from around the cloud infrastructure and DevOps-adjacent enterprise world.

The project

Design system implementation, process introduction and management. Front-end engineering of new React components and SASS/CSS refactor. I worked directly with the VP of Product, Alex Bello, to implement a world-class design system for the Armory dev team, creating the ArmoryBot illustration and developing prototypes driven by Jobs Theory hypotheses.



JTBD Hypotheses

Senior UX Designer Jack Reis
VP of Product Alex Bello
Senior Software Engineer Brandon Hsaio
Senior Software Engineer Andrew Meyer
Senior Software Engineer Paul Klee
Chief Technical Officer Isaac Mosquera
Chief Executive Officer Daniel Odio