The challenges

As one of the most dynamic user-driven marketplaces on the planet, eBay feels a constitutional duty to invest in making a positive difference in the world. eBay Social Ventures was how the company answered this call, including opportunities for charitable transactions with eBay Giving Works / eBay For Charity, as well as forward-thinking sustainability microsite eBay Green, which offers education on eco-friendly home retrofits and touts the virtues (and deals) of an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

The projects

My involvement at eBay touched three areas: eBay Careers, eBay Giving Works / eBay For Charity, and eBay Green. I designed a new logo for eBay For Charity to better match the current eBay corporate identity and developed in-product features to drive charitable engagement. Next, I worked with the eBay Green team to conduct user research and strategic consulting to set the direction for the evolution of their product. Finally, I joined forces with the eBay Careers team to aid them in organizing the opportunities at eBay for career searchers and streamline the application flow.


Giving Works




Charitable sellers on eBay score +14 points on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) metric, 38% higher seller conversion vs. non-charitable listings for low-feedback (new) sellers, experience a 2.5x lower seller churn rate vs. non-charitable sellers, and 20x more funds raised per impression. I was tasked with modernizing the eBay Giving Works brand and made eBay Social Ventures more successful through a series of high-impact projects with significant impact on key metrics.

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