Google Nest

What I Did

I built prototypes and designed speaker group creation and control flows for multiple releases of the iOS, Android, and smart hub display operating systems. Android media controls in Pixel OS and Chrome Now Playing module through 🎧 Team Stereo, a small collective of UX practitioners improving interface quality and consistency across all Google media experiences.

My Contributions

Design and prototype core user journeys like playing music and creating playback groups, as well as new journeys like setting up a stereo speaker pair. I worked on media initiation, multi-room control, transfer, and expansion journeys, and prepared components like the device row and volume slider elements for use across Google media and design systemsincluding the latest Material system release.

New Hardware


Google Home for iOS and Android


🔈 Expansion



I contributed to multiple iterations of the dynamic grouping UX in the Google Home App. The 2023 release shown above adopted the bold shapes of the M3 material design system and includes much of the thinking about tap target and slider component interaction design and active state differentiation I prototyped with the Google Nest and Material Design teams.

YouTube Music for iOS and Android




I worked with the YouTube Music team to implement a best-in-class Now Playing experience, including adoption of a dynamic color sampling algorithm made public with the launch of Material Design 3.0.

The album-art generated palettes use case I worked on ultimately became an example on the Material Design Blog. Learn more on the M3 Blog about dynamic color harmony and the science of color design.




The 2021 YouTube Music cast drawer: choosing an endpoint for playback, including speaker groups created in the Google Home App.

This project was very rewarding to work on because I love music and it involved testing use cases involving turning on music in multiple rooms... pretty fun user journeys!

Google TV for iOS and Android




The Google TV app, a migration of the Play Video app, implements some of the rating-focused interaction design I worked on for the library view.

Google TV for iOS Library View including prompts for Greatest Shows and Documentaries among others.
Google TV App for iOS showing Content Details for Moana with Liked toast action confirmation visible.



I advocated for the use of joyfully rounded shapes for buttons in the Google media app surfaces like the control buttons seen here. The moment in time pictured here includes a more squarish 'toast' notification shown after Liking content that is easily distinguished from the action buttons. The Like button is another interaction I prototyped with Nest.




I worked on the design for the TV Remote control found in the Home App, the Google TV app, and on the Nest Hub and Hub Max displays.

Remote control for Google TV on mobile
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