The challenge

Kahuna — Kahuna is a cross-channel marketing platform enhanced with machine learning and designed for enterprise-level automation. As a Sequoia-funded startup with a rockstar team of engineers, Kahuna needed to invest in design and bring the product experience to the next level to become the trusted leader for successful marketers and product managers to delight their customers in the mobile era.

The project

I joined Kahuna to lead product design as the company scaled and its product offerings expanded rapidly. We planned, designed, tested, and launched a new cross-channel campaign creation experience as a proof-of-concept for a new interface design system called Pegasus. Working closely with engineering, we developed the Pegasus design system to include a full suite of UI components including typography, colors, icons, animations, and data visualizations.

Pegasus UI


App Screens


UX Concepting

Senior UX Designer Jack Reis
Lead Software Engineer Gary Gong
Senior Software Engineer Emma Wei