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The challenge

An elite ring-fenced team in which I was the only designer, SendGrid Labs benefitted from the larger SendGrid organization’s user research and design system infrastructure. The project I worked on was a highly successful 8-month effort to gain the executive ‘green light’ signaling that the product would be operationalized by the larger SendGrid organization. I can share the full case study offline!

The project

The SendGrid Way provided the foundation of the method we used to approach the user testing process, but we combined it with the brilliantly common sense of Clayton Christensen’s Jobs to be Done theory and created a rapid-fire iteration engine focused on understanding and mastering the solution to our customers’ “Job(s) To Be Done”. With specific hypotheses and design prototypes, we fine-tuned the solution with prioritized recommendations toward both the existing alpha product and future designs.





When optimizing my ad campaigns, I want to see a roll-up of performance across all of my campaigns broken down by my intended goals and key insights about individual campaigns and channels. I also want the flexibility to drill up or down to dig into the details of what my campaigns are doing so that I can make informed decisions about next steps.



Senior UX Designer
Jack Reis

Director of Product
Chiara McPhee

Senior PM
Liz Yee

Senior Software Engineer
Jorge Chang

Senior Software Engineer
Jerome Chan

Senior Software Engineer
Dave Lee

VP of Labs
Mike Rowan